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12 Mar 2014

You will find different services and assessments that the vehicle requires to be able to keep going correctly. Like a responsible vehicle owner, you must understand what these various services. In the end, besides the healthiness of your vehicle relies on it, but the safety of yourself yet others you encounter on the highway. Some services are regarded as just regular maintenance, while some are carried out to optimize the performance from the vehicle and lengthen the car's existence Launch PAD Scanner.


Some services which are regarded as regular maintenance are 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance, Tune-Up Service, Full Service Oil and Lube and Tire Rotation and Balance. Each service concentrates on various areas of...

07 Mar 2014

Is the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light on? If that's the case, you may want to "service your engine soon," but how will you know without a doubt what's wrong if you don't take it to some car dealership and becoming billed for any diagnostic test. The vehicle still runs fine, so what is the large deal.


There's a simple and economical method to check. I've discovered that the majority of the OBD1 and OBD2 diagnostic computer systems which could scan for trouble codes. They provide this like a free plan to their clients, which could save the $35 to $80 I've come across billed for the similar factor.


Once these error codes are caused by your pc, you've got a clue in regards to what the issue is MD801....

04 Mar 2014
 Oh no. The check engine light pops on again.
What’s the biggest headache when you drive back home after a long day work? No doubt there is nothing more frustrating than the check engine light is on. You cannot help asking yourself why. However, there is no explanation, just like the baby crying. It is very difficult to figure out what the check engine light is trying to tell you. However, before spending a lot in the shop for repairs, you need to have an understanding of the common reasons why the light is on. 

Reason No. 1: Faulty O2 sensor
The oxygen sensor takes care of measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. When you push down on the accelerator, the sensor will send out a signal to the engine’s computer telling either add...

20 Jan 2014

First, change the necessary filters and liquid

Even the driver doesn’t know the mechanical knowledge also need to know car need regularly replace the oil and oil filter. However other liquids and filters need regular maintenance. This is necessary because with the passage of time, they will lose important properties - such as the ability to remove heat of lubricating ability and the ability to resist rust and cold.

Replacing your air filter helps your car breathe easier, and allow the engine last longer. For operation, the engine requires precise mixing of fuel and air, all air entering the engine through the air cleaner system. Its purpose is to prevent dirt and other foreign objects to enter and damage the engine. If the...

27 Dec 2013

You are driving in the road, it is a beautiful, sunny summer time day, and also to finish it off, your vehicle is running absolutely perfectly.

Perfectly, except for your Check Engine light shining just like a beacon of not so good news. What's happening? The vehicle still runs well and idles fine. It can be an electric snafu. It's certain to turn it off sooner or later, right? So it does. After which it returns, kind of randomly. Now you have to pass through the condition pollutants inspection to resume your plates, as well as your vehicle can’t go pass with this light on.

To Fundamentals

In 1996 the Environmental protection agency mandated the computer interface for those automobiles offered within the US States meet a...

26 Dec 2013

It is of great importance for us to learn about some tips on driving security. Some may tell you that if only the driver is concentrated, we can then be safe. As a matter of fact, it is actually not enough at all. Others may rely on some diagnostic tools for better security. I want to say, it is sensible to make use of these tools, but there’re still much more that should be noticed. In this article, I’d like to share with you some top tips to greatly secure your driving.

First of all, you should always keep the transportation rules in mind. For example, it is not recommended for drivers to answer phone calls when driving. It may be legal in one place, but it can be illegal in another place. You know that ignorance is...

25 Dec 2013

Car repair fees are usually expensive. How much should we pay for car reapirs? An elderly lady introduced her vehicle to some local car dealership because her interior lights did not work. A couple of hrs later, she had a call from her service consultant. He described to her at length that they experienced a hard electrical problem, which it would want more time than expected. A sizable part of her interior will have to be removed to be able to access some wiring harnesses.

She proceeded to authorize 4 hrs of diagnostic time for you to investigate why her interior light did not work. Several hrs later she got another call from her service consultant. Finally, they'd discovered the real cause. A corroded wire in the connector of...

24 Dec 2013

21 Dec 2013
We may find that tour car is full of very strong pungent taste when we just bought it home. The main component of the "new car” smell the interior materials emit harmful chemical gases, their sources usually have three aspects. First, from the car itself , the car is a lot of component parts , if these components harmful gases and odors do not get adequate release, will pollute the car long time ; Second, from interior decoration , decoration materials containing harmful gases, including benzene, formaldehyde and acetone, air pollution can cause the car to varying degrees; Third, the use of air conditioning or cabin sealed not well so into the car polluting contaminants that often sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and volatile, such as...

19 Dec 2013

Car maintenance is a widely-concerned problem to drivers all over the world, especially when it is in bad weather outside. Winter cold, before driving preheat car is a lot of owners must have homework every day. Why, then, must be preheat car? If you start directly on the road, why there is a series of questions? Now let’s have a look at the reasons for it!


As we all know, in winter, the main function of the tire driving force is transmitted to change the direction of travel and bearing the weight of the vibration buffer, etc., and the...